• HYDREOLE is a team of renewable energies experts with MSc. or PhD from international schools (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, MINES ParisTech, etc.), all strongly motivated to act in favour of technological progress against climate change.

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Our tools


    HYDREOLE has developed its own software DEEPHYDRO to provide detailed analysis of all types of hydroelectric power plant, easily build and compare scenarios and determine the most appropriate and optimised construction or renovation scenarios.


    TURBNPRO is a specific type of software for the preliminary dimensioning of hydroelectric turbines. HYDREOLE can rapidly study different configurations suitable to a specific site and, when dealing with the renovation of an existing site, check the compatibility of different kinds of turbines and their possible configuration within the existing structures.

  • TURBeau

    TURBeau is a modelization tool focused on hydraulic systems and the study of water supply equipment. HYDREOLE uses TURBeau, developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland), to point out suitable sites for hydropower.

    SIMSEN is a simulation software for the analysis of electrical power networks, adjustable speed drives and hydraulic systems. It is developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland). HYDREOLE has already used it for many applications of medium or high head hydroelectric systems, either when studying the renovation or the construction of a new system. This is probably the most powerful software for detailed analysis of transient behaviour of a plant and to calculate the surge pressure, turbine stability and regulation parameters.
  • Piezometric probes

    Our team provides and installs submersible piezometric probes to measure water heights. Data are recorded in a local datalogger and sent daily to online server for an accurate and continuous remote control.


  • Fluorimeter, conductivity and current meter

    Rating curves are built with data collected during short testing periods including continuous monitoring of water temperature, electrical conductivity or visual tracer concentration to determine water discharge. Our team also uses current meter to transform flow speed into discharge.

    • Fluorimeter probe :


    • Conductivity probe :


    •  Current meter :


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